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Ten minutes North of the Princeton center, 
about 2 miles from the Princeton border
The property is located between Hopewell and Rocky Hill. It's in the small village of Blawenburg which is in the vicinity of Route 518 and The Great Road (aka County Route 601) in Skillman NJ in Montgomery Township. It's a 10 acre property with several residences along with some storage space.
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Unit 3 - Dry storage space that is approximately 22.5 feet by 21.5 feet. It is in a wood frame building with a concrete floor and a good roof. There are some windows. The front door is approximately 7 2/3 feet wide by 6' 2" high.

Security - Prospective renters often ask about security. For many years this unit was rented by antique dealers who had no security problems. 

Electric - There is electric to the space. You have to transfer the account into your name.

Vehicles - Some prospective renters have wanted to store vehicles in the space. Vehicles have been stored there. However, the door is about six feet high and some vehicles will not fit. It would be difficult to store more than one car in the space because of columns.

Rent - Discounted rent is $290 per month. Based on a 12 month agreement, the rent is $390 per month due on the first of the month. Each month that you pay electronically before the first, you receive a $100 discount making the rent $290. Each month that the payment is not made on or before the fifth, a $100 penalty is charged. 
Front Door of Storage Unit 3
Side Door, Storage Unit 3
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